PSA: USA 2016 Elections

Seriously, USA,┬áseriously? I’m beyond words with all of the ridiculousness of just who (namely: one pathological liar who confuses self-worth with net-worth… I’m looking at you Donald Trump) is being pushed for front runners of their respective parties in the coming US Presidential election. The man is the ever-loving poster child of white privilege… no, […]

Sending Gifts Home – a basic how-to guide

Shipping anything from the UK to the States is expensive anywhere outside of the UK (Oh, who am I fooling, it’s costly even if it is internal). This can and will make sending gifts home a challenge. In the past, I’d try to save/find money to cover the shipping for items to family that was […]

Addressing the #BlackLivesMatter Counter-Narrative

Let’s acknowledge my privilege status before we begin: I’m a heterosexual, cisgender, able-bodied, non-Black minority American. This means that, quite literally, 90% of the problems disadvantaged individuals face are things that I will never experience first-hand myself. Yes, that includes the BS that the UK cooks up. I am a person of exceptional privilege, so […]

NHS Part 8

Without trying very hard, I’m certain that, by now, most people have realised that I have given birth already and this is at the heart of why I have not updated until now. For those who are curious: yes baby is happy and healthy and their parents are too – to say nothing about being […]