#MMCase Caution

Disclaimer: I am an armchair critic who did not even attend the hearing of the MM case in the Supreme Court. Going off of what we learned from the Court of Appeal’s ruling, I am not hedging any bets either way with how things are going to go. Judges are a special brand of people […]

No Recourse to Public/Government Funds – UPDATE

It’s been long overdue, but as promised, I did some additional research on the matter of which forms of public funds are available to migrants and why. But before I get into that, I have to tip my hat in salute to a commenter going by the name of “Mike” who had this little tidbit […]

Childcare in the UK

There are a lot of options for childcare in the UK, and the terminology can be confusing as all get out, but hopefully this list will help make things easier: Note: All groups/persons providing childcare for children under the age of 8 years old for more than two hours per day are required to register […]

NHS Part 8

Without trying very hard, I’m certain that, by now, most people have realised that I have given birth already and this is at the heart of why I have not updated until now. For those who are curious: yes baby is happy and healthy and their parents are too – to say nothing about being […]

PTSD: The Cage of Your Mind – A Veterans Day PSA (Trigger Warning)

My father served in the Navy, specifically the SEALs. He’s seen a lot of things, most of which he still can’t talk about. It speaks volumes to the experience that, what he can say is pretty horrific on its own, despite him having a flair for finding ways to put a comedic spin on it… […]

MM & Others -v- Home Office UPDATE

Going to keep it short and sweet here, people. If I am allowed to run on I am liable to get everyone more stirred up than necessary. It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about the #MMcase, but be assured that I haven’t forgotten about the many other divided families that are still waiting for news. […]