Race To the Bottom

I’m feeling a lot of emotions right now in the wake of the US Presidential Election. Anger, sadness, frustration… I honestly debated not going into work yesterday when the news was announced. I debated going home early when I had to resist the urge to get physical in a most violent way when colleagues, in true British humour, would play devil’s advocate and try to spin Trump as the president as somehow being an okay, or remotely good thing. It isn’t. In so many ways it isn’t.

It highlights exactly why we still need to work harder to fix the discrimination that people face in the 21st century. Despite being more likely to hold degrees, a woman still can’t be president. Society won’t allow it. And it’s painfully obvious to how far they will go to stop it if they will elect and bigoted, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, business failure like Donald Trump instead.

And let’s be clear, for all that Clinton was always going to be part of the establishment, so is Trump. Clinton has had more experience, and (despite all of the attempts by others to say otherwise) she has been cleared of charges in every single investigation she’s been put under. But no, TRUMP was the better candidate in the eyes of the American public. Why?

The man is very likely to face more sexual assault charges in the near future (he’s had a few already), gone bankrupt more times than my parents have owned cars (and they’ve been through a few of them, let’s be honest here), has lied (repeatedly, to say nothing about contradicting himself in print, often, especially on Twitter), insulted women, people of colour, people of other religions, attacked immigrants, refugees and Prisoners of War… The list goes on, and on, and on. The man is vile, and that’s putting it nicely.

And the US people think THIS is the person they want to represent them? I wouldn’t vote to have him be the president of the goldfish society – and with his stupid orange spray-tan and short attention span, he’d make a great contender for it. His hair also looks like a fin that’s flopped over. Am I being petty now? Yes, yes I am. But I don’t do politeness, either and I don’t PO as many people as he does.

Why, again, was it that the US voted for him? He has nothing positive to offer. Worse still, he’s going into a monopoly on the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Republicans have full control of all three of these, the only thing that could possibly hold him back is the Judicial branch… and I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.

Still don’t think it’s bad enough yet? Bear this in mind: the last time the Republicans had this much control was in the 1920s, and do you know what happened then? (in caps so you don’t miss it) THE GREAT DEPRESSION. Don’t think it can’t happen? Remember, when Bush Jr. was in office, the economy was the worst it had ever been SINCE the Great Depression. That was AFTER Bill Clinton had created a surplus of income such that they had to turn off the national debt clock because the debt was actually going down.

But apparently the USA wants to go back to those days, like a flock of daft fowl who just voted to have themselves cooked up for dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving, turkeys.


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