Talking Turkey (AKA: holidays sales and house types)

Just assume that, from now until the end of 2015, all posts on Transplant Monologues will have some mention of food. Sorry, not sorry. When someone mentions turkey in the United States, the holiday that comes to mind for most Americans is Thanksgiving. I think I’ve said it in years before, but if not I’ll […]

Sending Gifts Home – a basic how-to guide

Shipping anything from the UK to the States is expensive anywhere outside of the UK (Oh, who am I fooling, it’s costly even if it is internal). This can and will make sending gifts home a challenge. In the past, I’d try to save/find money to cover the shipping for items to family that was […]

Traditions – 12 Days of Christmas and others

This year, I’ll be abstaining from my own family’s traditions. Not necessarily out of the sake of simplicity, though it is a factor, but more in a show of… I donno, respect and/or deference? They aren’t quite the words I need here, but we’ll go with them for the sake of argument. I remember when […]

Also Pie – Holiday Survival

They don’t celebrate Halloween in the UK with the same degree of enthusiasm as my family does in the states. Despite my needling, my Husband just didn’t get into the spirit of it, asking me why it’s such a Big Deal(™). I couldn’t speak for anyone else, but in my case, I told him, “Because, […]