PSA: USA 2016 Elections

Seriously, USA, seriously? I’m beyond words with all of the ridiculousness of just who (namely: one pathological liar who confuses self-worth with net-worth… I’m looking at you Donald Trump) is being pushed for front runners of their respective parties in the coming US Presidential election.

The man is the ever-loving poster child of white privilege… no, scratch that, he IS white privilege. He not only represents a xenophobic, extremist, bigoted group of society that has benefitted from the scapegoating and demonisation of others… he’s the puss head on their festering pimple. The same kind of pimple that you have to keep reopening and try to clean out because the sick and disgusting thing just, will, not, go, away.

How do we know it’s that gross and infected? He’s actually got state delegates backing him. Which, frankly, just tells me we still have a freaking LONG way to go before we can have real liberation for the under-privileged and equality for everyone.

Anyone who was born, is related to, or descendants of (see: everyone in the USA save for the Native Americans), or friends of migrants and immigrants really ought to boycott travelling and commerce from any states that vote for Trump. Clearly they don’t want us there, so why should we waste our money on them?

And why wait for the elections to start? Here’s a list for the Primary results.

And don’t think I’m just picking on the Republicans because I have some sort of vendetta against them, I’m keeping a very close watch on the Democrats. Don’t get it twisted: a female president would be awesome, but why are we again throwing our best bets on Clinton? Elizabeth Warren, in my not-so-humble opinion would have made a stronger choice for a female contender. She’s not eyeballs-deep with corporate interests, for a start. Then again, neither is Barney Sanders, but guess who’s getting the coverage?

Huh, funny that. While it would not be the worst thing in the history of ever if Hilary Clinton won, I’m still expecting more status quo than revolution from her. Though, in fairness, Obama found out just how hard it is to revolutionise anything from the presidential seat as a Democrat – especially as a PoC, Republicans went out of their way to make every task as difficult as possible. Not because they disagreed, no, but for the sole purpose of the fact that he suggested it. The first female president would be in the same boat.

What Sanders represents is something scary to the corporations and there 1% bosses/owners: an actual threat that might be able to change something. See, Sanders, regardless of whatever he may feel about the notion, is still a part of the “white-boys” club. He’s got a bug-ton of privilege status, and with it comes the ability to actually make stuff happen. Like how Bill Clinton in his term caused the national debt clock to be turned off because the nation was, for once, running on a surplus. He was a massive threat to the system that couldn’t be blocked because of his privilege… it took as private issue (an affair for those not watching) for media to finally have enough dirt on the guy to take him down.

And take down they did; the rest of the world was looking at the USA with the same look of perplexity as one does when looking at a pair of shoes hanging from a power line. You have a pretty good idea what happened, you just can’t understand why.


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