Understanding UK Income Tax Codes

Recently, with some changes at work, I’ve been thrown into the deep-end of trying to suss out the correct tax code I should have and I thought I would share the experience as well as the insight for your reading pleasure (see: sorry, it’s boring). Before we get into it, let me give you some […]

Cup of Apathy

Apathy: a lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern – this word decided to perch itself on my mind recently; and who could blame it? It’s basically the standard M.O. of the UK. I can’t even say it’s a new thing, because even Kate Fox observed it in her book “Watching the English.” “What do we […]

Childcare in the UK

There are a lot of options for childcare in the UK, and the terminology can be confusing as all get out, but hopefully this list will help make things easier: Note: All groups/persons providing childcare for children under the age of 8 years old for more than two hours per day are required to register […]

Volunteering and Working in the UK (part 4)

By my observations, however limited they are (and you can just slap “anecdotal evidence” over this post, I won’t judge…), the interview process for working in the United Kingdom appears to be more or less the same as one could expect in the United States. I cannot and will not say that any of this […]

Volunteering and Working in the UK (part 3)

So long as you are legally eligible to work in the UK – and it would state as much on your visa and/or your BRP – in theory, you do not need to register for an National Insurance Number prior to finding employment. That said, despite this fact, hiring managers that I have spoken to […]

Volunteering and Working in the UK (part 1)

Job hunting in the UK as an immigrant is a pain in the neck. There is no putting it nicely. I have the credentials, but companies do not want to take me on due to a lack of references located in the UK. Quite literally, I have had phone calls from agencies who have point-blank […]