EU Election 2014

Not to be confused with any of the other years… AHEM! So, most know me as being a political person to start with, but this was probably the first election where I cared more about who was voted for over how many people I know actually voted. A fact that most could observe on Twitter […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends be Xenophobic

If you’re not in the UK, you might be forgiven for having missed the news about UKIP’s racist billboards. You might have also missed David Cameron’s attempts to drive a wedge between people in the UK and further the erosion of social cohesion. At best these things are thoughtless, careless, actions that lack empathy. At […]

What do we know about C4/2013/2086: MM -v- Secretary of State?

Yeah, that question. Everyone has been asking it. They’ve been asking Britcits and Freemovement and just about every other source that they can think of who might actually know WTAF (What The Actual F*** – newish acronym making the scene, because we’re that cool nerdy) is going on. To be frankly honest: No, seriously, I […]

The Nasty Side of Politics

There is very little I detest more in politics than elected officials who “abstain,” don’t vote at all, or just plain do not show up. It happens, I suspect, in every country that allows it – the US and UK are not unique in this respect – but that does nothing to reduce my indignation […]