The UKBA/Home Office Immigration Catch-22

If this plot was any thicker, you’d turn it out onto a platter and call it jello. And before anyone asks: I still haven’t heard anything about MM & Others Versus Home Office (AKA: C4/2013/2086). People say that knowledge equals power – but I know of an occasion when even knowledge is impotent. It happens […]

What do we know about C4/2013/2086: MM -v- Secretary of State?

Yeah, that question. Everyone has been asking it. They’ve been asking Britcits and Freemovement and just about every other source that they can think of who might actually know WTAF (What The Actual F*** – newish acronym making the scene, because we’re that cool nerdy) is going on. To be frankly honest: No, seriously, I […]

When an Update isn’t an Update

Right, so I’m unimpressed, but I’m not surprised either. Turns out that number I was told to call is for CROYDON (Seriously? If Croydon has access to my information, why doesn’t Solihull where I applied? Why do I have to call long-distance to CROYDON… ‘hats), so if anyone who has an outstanding UKBA PEO Application […]