Revisiting The FLR(M)

It’s nearing that time. In October 2014, much to our surprise, our FLR(M) visa was granted, permitting me right to reside in the UK for 2.5 years. Two years have almost come and passed us by in a whirlwind of life and we’re in the process of gathering documentation for the extension. There are two […]

Following Up on the #MMCase

Okay, it has been much delayed, I know. I’ve been wrapped up in my own little world, it seems, for some time now and I missed the news that had been announced… well back in April. In my defence, it isn’t an actual ruling by the supreme court, so – as with a lot of […]

Court of Appeal Rules on MM -v- Secretary of State

I’ll forgo the news articles, everyone has probably seen them anyway. Britcits and Freemovement (to name my favourite blogs for such things – as if you haven’t guessed as much…) have more detailed summaries of the event and those who are interested can likely find the bulk of my sources on Twitter through the #MMcase hashtag. […]

Ruling on MM & Ors -v- Secretary of State (Home Office)

Via BritCits: “CONFIRMED Judgment in MM and Ors vs SSHD to be handed down Friday 11 July, 10:30am, Courtroom 3 (Justice Aikens). Fingers, toes, all crossed please!” For many, this journey has been two years in the making – since the new rules came into effect in June 2012 (for a grand total of 3,641 […]

Three Months on and We Still Don’t Know

After the House of Commons Debate on Spousal VISAs yesterday, where our Minister of Parliament didn’t even show up (I’m looking at you despite the fact that we wrote him an e-mail ahead of time, where “back-benchers” were basically told by one Mark Harper ( that the system works more-or-less exactly the way that they […]

UKBA and Min. Income Req. for Family Migrants So I was looking through the latest news on the UKBA website (see above) and happened upon this little tidbit. To explain this, we need to go into a short story: Once upon a time (all the best stories start with this line, shut up), the powers that be in the UK revised the […]