Banking in the UK

Okay, so this post has been a long time coming with the changes that came in with the Immigration Bill. Changes that have attempted to turn Surgeries/Clinics/Letting Agency/Bank employees and Landlords into Immigration Control Officers. The partial result of which has already been documented in the NHS series, whereby the documentation that is now being […]

NHS Part 2 and UK Immigration Bill given Royal Assent

First of all: The UK Immigration Bill received Royal Assent yesterday; which means it will become law. What does this mean for immigrants? Migrants’ Rights Network created a summary that does a great job of highlighting some of the greatest issues involving the bill, appropriately named: What you need to know about the Immigration Bill. If […]

Tell @airmauritius to #FlyWithAMoralCompass

Those of you not in the UK may not have heard about this, so let me get you up to speed quickly: Despite a massive amount of support for the girl mentioned in the article, Theresa May had her deported anyway. Alone. To a country where she has no one to speak of to help […]

Renting – What to Expect in the UK (Part 6)

written 20/2/14 From how random strangers react to any potential sign of someone or something possibly causing an inconvenience (see: inevitably step in and advise against the actions), the impression I get is that patience is not something that is dispensed without a certain amount of cat-herding in the UK. This may also go a […]

Renting Apartments – What to Expect in the UK (Part 2)

You can congratulate me now or later, or not at all if that floats your boat, but as of the 5th of February I have been in the UK for one year. Yay~~~ All that excitement out of my system, back onto the renting experience in the UK. The viewing was to be expected, as […]