Revisiting The FLR(M)

It’s nearing that time. In October 2014, much to our surprise, our FLR(M) visa was granted, permitting me right to reside in the UK for 2.5 years. Two years have almost come and passed us by in a whirlwind of life and we’re in the process of gathering documentation for the extension. There are two […]

Following Up on the #MMCase

Okay, it has been much delayed, I know. I’ve been wrapped up in my own little world, it seems, for some time now and I missed the news that had been announced… well back in April. In my defence, it isn’t an actual ruling by the supreme court, so – as with a lot of […]

Cup of Apathy

Apathy: a lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern – this word decided to perch itself on my mind recently; and who could blame it? It’s basically the standard M.O. of the UK. I can’t even say it’s a new thing, because even Kate Fox observed it in her book “Watching the English.” “What do we […]

No News on C4/2013/2086: MM -v- Secretary of State + Plus Some Numbers

The title says it all; despite the Immigration Advice Services’ optimism in early June that we would hear something soon, June has come and gone and now we’re looking at July with hopeful doe-eyes… and little else. Regardless of when a decision is made, it’s important to remember that the battle will not likely end […]

SAR Results – When livid doesn’t even start to cover it

I am beyond livid, and let me explain why: It’s simple really, we have been on hold since October 2013, had to resort to submitting a Subject Action Request to the Data Protection Unit of the UK Home Office (you can just add £10 more to the list of expenses that’s amounted for this application…) […]

Renting – What to Expect in the UK (Part 6)

written 20/2/14 From how random strangers react to any potential sign of someone or something possibly causing an inconvenience (see: inevitably step in and advise against the actions), the impression I get is that patience is not something that is dispensed without a certain amount of cat-herding in the UK. This may also go a […]

Name-Shame Produces Results… Kind of.

I find it suspect that every time I’ve named and shamed my MP, within one week he dignifies us with a response. Leaving me to conclude that the fellow google-searches his own name (which, when you think about it, is probably a rather intelligent thing to do, as it lets you know who’s talking smack). […]