Understanding UK Income Tax Codes

Recently, with some changes at work, I’ve been thrown into the deep-end of trying to suss out the correct tax code I should have and I thought I would share the experience as well as the insight for your reading pleasure (see: sorry, it’s boring). Before we get into it, let me give you some […]

Life In A Suitcase

In 2013, I packed my life into three suitcases and moved 4,000 miles to a country I barely scratched the surface of understanding. One year after a life on hold, I purged my belongings a second time in preparation for a forced uprooting and return to the USA that (thankfully) did not happen… but I […]

#MMCase Caution

Disclaimer: I am an armchair critic who did not even attend the hearing of the MM case in the Supreme Court. Going off of what we learned from the Court of Appeal’s ruling, I am not hedging any bets either way with how things are going to go. Judges are a special brand of people […]