Renting – What to Expect in the UK (Part 6)

written 20/2/14 From how random strangers react to any potential sign of someone or something possibly causing an inconvenience (see: inevitably step in and advise against the actions), the impression I get is that patience is not something that is dispensed without a certain amount of cat-herding in the UK. This may also go a […]

Chill Session

I was fortunate to have spent the weekend with an older, more experienced, fellow transplant in the UK along with her husband and mine in Essex. It was really nice sitting down and chatting with each other about things they encountered and learned from their own journey through the immigration system, what it was like […]


Things are going surprisingly well lately – which is more than enough for the Minnesotan (see: me) to wonder where/when the karmic balance is going to strike. We’re almost ready to file for the second VISA in the process, we just need to get some final papers pulled together and then we will be able to […]

Two Months

Officially, the two month mark since my arrival in the UK will be tomorrow and the countdown to the marriage signing begins… well basically on the 1st of April, but details, details… I’m trying to think back to when I first arrived, how I felt then and the challenges that I faced. Most of them, […]

One Month

Officially, I will have been in the UK for one month effective Tuesday afternoon. Walking back from the grocery store the other day, however, prompted me to consider how I am managing now versus how I was on day 1. Day 1 was full of happiness and sadness – the depressing realization that my whole […]

Updates on Circles and Communication

At last, d-day… at least for the hair-raising issue of, well, my hair. Michael, don’t panic; the man isn’t as much of a psychopath as I originally thought. Like many things, it boils down to plain, simple, communication and miscommunication. Thankfully, in this instance, I’m glad that the information that was given to me ahead […]

Being There

Even when we want to be there for our families who are in our home country, it’s not always possible. My heart and thoughts are with my grandmother and my uncle who are both recovering from their own unique maladies; and while I can call, I already know it is far from being enough. We […]