Renting Apartments – What to Expect in the UK (Part 2)

You can congratulate me now or later, or not at all if that floats your boat, but as of the 5th of February I have been in the UK for one year. Yay~~~ All that excitement out of my system, back onto the renting experience in the UK. The viewing was to be expected, as […]

Renting Apartments – What to Expect in the UK

When suddenly, we’re moving. Actually, that’s not quite right – we had thought about it and I had researched a bit back in 2013. It just hasn’t come to anything until now. So we’re moving and I’ll take you back through the process as I’ve come to learn it, starting from the hunt for potential […]

UKBA’s Stacked Deck

If you look at what the Government has to say about Immigrants, the first impression you get is that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you fall in the Migrant spectrum, you are an “undesirable.” Why? Because if you’re working, you’re “stealing jobs” from British Citizens; if you’re not working then you’re “leeching […]


Things are going surprisingly well lately – which is more than enough for the Minnesotan (see: me) to wonder where/when the karmic balance is going to strike. We’re almost ready to file for the second VISA in the process, we just need to get some final papers pulled together and then we will be able to […]