Shelling the Nut

Third generation immigrant born and raised in Minnesota, 2nd of three children, all home-schooled from age 5 until 17. Studied Spanish and art in college but has not yet completed a degree. Worked for 7 years in the non-profit world. Has worked for both national and international companies.


“Given where I was born and how I was raised, I was as much sheltered from the world as I was exposed to it. I was exposed to many cultures in my youth through food and language – two things which I love with a passion – but also grew up away from my peers in my own little world that only made sense to me. I am creative and artistic and have been told more than once that, for good or ill, I have a very unique perspective on life. Initially, I studied art in college because I just liked it, but it soon dawned on me that it would not provide me the two luxuries to which I have grown accustomed: eating and living indoors. From there, I considered many things from Business Management to Marketing and ultimately had to put it all on hold with a year of Spanish under my belt and half of the courses I needed to take to become an Accountant. For now, I aim to be with the light of my life.” ~Rachel S.




Words to live by

“Never argue with idiots – from a distance no one can tell the difference.”

“Worry. But worry understanding that worrying will solve your problems in the way that chewing bubblegum will solve a mathematical equation.”

“You can only sell your integrity once; after that it is worth nothing.”

“To keep a job you must make yourself indispensable because as soon as they can do without you… they will.”


Life Goals

~Speak four languages fluently

~Finish a college degree

~Paint a mural in England

~Spawn the newest buzz-word

~Become a dog trainer

~Travel to the homelands of my ancestors

~Perform as a standup comedian


Why I am Moving

Around the end of March in 2009 I met the love of my life. He spoke about his adventures in studying bats in Honduras as part of his degree and I was intrigued. We exchanged e-mails back and forth, had IM conversations, Skype conversations and he finally flew in to Minnesota to meet me face-to-face.

It’s a modern romance, in its own right. He proposed to me in December of 2010 and we have been planning and working actively to prepare for the wedding and our lives together.

At first we didn’t know exactly where we wanted to settle down together. As he had the higher degree in education, whereas I was already a skilled worker, we agreed that it would be for the best that we settle wherever he found work.

2011-12 was spent tying loose ends and saving up for the move. 2013 we are finally making our dreams come true. The VISA is approved, the bags are packed, the flight has been purchased… All that is left is to go.


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