*Slow Clap*

I’m going to call out the sheer stupidity of a lot of people in this post. No, I am not going to insult them; see, by definition, insult implies that I would somehow being untruthful in my assessment. So I’m going to be very, very, frank in my assessment of this sheaf of dill weeds.

The UK people voted to leave the EU. They did so because they were either xenophobic jerk-wads or empty-headed buffoons who are so used to being spoon-fed sound bites they couldn’t be bothered to do their own research before voting. Generally the former is the more dangerous of the two, but it is the later that enables them. The voting results prove it.

Now, why would I say something so mean as all of that? Simply put, all the UK has achieved is to put themselves in the wringer of uncertainty and insecurity PLUS (for added bonus) they killed their only real means to argue for changes they want in Europe. See, if they want to do business with the EU, they have to meet EU’s standards – whatever those standards may be – and from the outside-looking-in, they have exactly zero say in how it happens and to what degree things happen.

What’s more, they are now at the mercy if the oh-so-benevolent businesses and corporations in the UK who are looking at this as a golden opportunity to put the fleece over their eyes once again and make the UK’s replacement laws and regulations that would be replacing the old EU ones about as effective as my dad is at carrying a tune (and that’s pretty bad; sorry dad).

You have a Conservative government in power that has made its sole mission in life to forward the interests of its rich cronies that’s now going to get a massive reshuffle and more than likely become more extreme as a result.

Just how many ways are the UK people boned here?  Higher prices, less regulation and safeties for citizens, lower value on the pound… of course the stuff I’ve already mentioned above… and probably the real risk of an overall reduction in funds available for key resources like schools and public buildings/spaces and infrastructure… I’m running out of fingers to this flipping bouquet.

No amount of thought was put into the voting to impress me, in fairness, but fail to impress me the UK people have in all ways excepting for the vast underestimation on my part by just how much stupid could be contained on one island nation. Excepting for a few key places in the south and… well, Scotland… I am just beyond words at how easily people were duped.

Because, let’s be honest here, no one is duped unwillingly given the flow of information from both sides of the campaign. The cold hard truth of the matter was that they didn’t care that what was being told to them made no sense, or that they might well not actually want to be successful in their mission. Votes matter and too many people went to the polls to vote that didn’t see the value in what they were doing – and that is the nicest way that I can put it. The UK people were wilfully ignorant in their thoughts and actions and the EU is very likely giving them the same bland stare and slow clap of sarcasm that I am. With a side of salt to rub into their eyeballs. Feel that burn.

That’s pretty much it, too: the EU sees no reason what-so-ever to delay the UK’s departure anymore than necessary. With all of the sorrow of an angry Ex that’s had more than enough of their former-partner’s BS, the EU has yanked the door open and tossed the suitcase onto the front lawn and told them to get the F* out. They’ve already purchased a new set of locks.

And I don’t blame them one jot. Even when it was their idea in the first place (see the EU bill of human rights), the UK has found a way to whine, whinge and gripe about just about every major decision that has been made by the EU – even when they had a say in it all, they weren’t satisfied. Like that one kid in the playground that never learned to play nicely with others, they honestly expect everyone to cater to their whims and whimseys just to appease them, lest they thrown another temper tantrum (at best) or start hitting (probably at worst, though never say that a 2-year old lacked imagination and the same goes for Nations who never learned the value of negotiation).

What I’d dearly love to know is, when the next Scottish Referendum takes place (and it’s only a matter of time) just what ridiculous thing the politicians will say to try to cow tow them again into sticking with the rest of the UK after this. Better together, huh? Only if it’s a one way street in which the upper echelons benefit.

If you wondered why the politicians backed such an idea as Brexit you need only look at the fact that there is going to be a regime change afterwards. These guys gambled your futures just so that they could have a chance at taking over the cabinet. Not even kidding.

I’ve said it once, many times, actually – for different reasons and different things, but it is still no less true now: if you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention.

Well, UK, you mad yet?


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