#MMCase Caution

Disclaimer: I am an armchair critic who did not even attend the hearing of the MM case in the Supreme Court.

Going off of what we learned from the Court of Appeal’s ruling, I am not hedging any bets either way with how things are going to go. Judges are a special brand of people I have sworn to never, ever, play poker with for this same reason – regardless of what they say or sound like, you can’t read into what they are thinking. At all. Ever.

I know most of my readers are also readers of Britcits and FreeMovement. I’ll leave the deeper, probably much better analysed, thoughts about how it went to them. But, I will say, if the Court of Appeals is anything to go off of, we can expect to hear a ruling in… oh… about six to eight months from now. Yeah, don’t expect to get any real updates on it any time soon.

In short, quell your excitement if you can, it’s going to take awhile.

Probably the most irritating thing about the Home Office’s stance on the Family Immigration Rules (specifically the income requirement) is that integration is best achieved with enough money to render it impossible for the sponsored person to ever qualify for public funds – an erroneous argument if there ever was one, as people such as myself were never entitled to any such access in the first place. Moreover, the only difference between two families (one being like mine and the other being of two presumed british-born adults) with only one working partner is that only the family with the assumed british-born have no such stigmas attached to them.

And while one might argue that those same brits may still have other details to their identities that would hinder them, the acknowledgement of discrimination for one group does not and will not ever justify or negate the discrimination of another. That would be like trying to justify hate/discrimination towards transgender people by saying, “but, look, they aren’t the only ones discriminated against, look at the blacks!”

If I threw any more shade over that, it would be in a cavernous void. Just saying.

But I digress. The point is just this: the only time to draw any conclusions on the MM Case is when the Supreme Court gives its ruling on it. Whenever that happens.


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