A Tale of Two Cars (AKA: car insurance in the UK)

Let’s start this with some reassurance: No one was hurt and no major damage was done.

That out of the way, I can say that, while things are still being sussed out and the tale is far from concluded, I do have some notes on the experience. Hopefully we won’t get any more opportunities to see check if this is just the nature of those involved or if it has cultural significance. Sorry people, I’m all for the advancement of science and expanding knowledge but… yeah we like our insurance premiums as they – er, were before the fender-bender. D’oh!

So what have we learned? Well everyone is required to have insurance on their vehicles before they can even drive off of the dealership lot, so barring that one person who allows theirs to lapse, that isn’t much of a concern.

I was very surprised when the other driver admitted to liability. Not because it wasn’t their fault or anything (they most def. were in the wrong), but because it’s standard practice in the USA to never admit fault in an accident – as everyone is partially to blame just by being there; or so the lie we tell ourselves goes.

The repair/compensation process is S-L-O-W. We did everything we could/needed to do as soon as we were able and it has stretched into actual weeks before the repair shop called us just to book an appointment to have the repairs done… two more weeks from now. And it will take a week before the repairs are finished (or so I am led to believe).

On the upside: yay(?) a free loaner car!

and a new carseat… ugh. just ugh.


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