Apple Pie (Kind of… Okay, Not Really)

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” ~ Carl Sagan, Cosmos

Apple Pie? More like Apple Lie; so sorry to disappoint, but this post has nothing to do with making pie, nor does it have anything to do with inventing the universe (even my nerdness has limits). So why the quote? Because we’re making things from scratch.

Kind of… Let me explain: way back when we thought we would end up on opposite sides of the pond (see: ocean) from each other, my husband and I thought to donate the vast majority of our belongings that we wouldn’t be able to take with us. Well, that was awkward. Here we are at almost a year on from that point and we’re just now starting to rebuild our lives and collect new earthly possessions.

Part of it was due to a lack of funds, another part of it was due to a lack of space. Since neither one of us has won the lottery (also disappointing, but carry on), both of these problems remain. However, what we do have is back-to-school sales going on in the UK. A new basic dish-ware set for £10? It has purple butterflies on it? Fsssk, YES PLEASE!

Now that we have confirmed that I have very little shame (and dishes with a butterfly motif, but w/e, right?), let’s talk about the sales and back-to-school time in general, because that’s something that’s different here than back in the States.

Americans be spoiled for the amount of time they get off of school in the eyes of children and young adults attending school in the UK. Though the UK tries to make up for it by giving the kids more scheduled holidays throughout the year. Why is this important? While people with children do like to know these things, it’s also pretty handy to know if you want to catch the sales that go on at the same time.

I loathe shopping, let me get that out of my system right now: spending money + me = not a fun time. About the only thing that makes this easier is if it happens to be stuff that I need and it happens to be on sale. I am not an expert shopper because of this, but if this article is to be believed, with a little bit of planning some savings can be made.

For those of you who don’t want to bother with Yahoo articles, let me summarise for you:

JANUARY: Construction/trades work; Technology; Baby clothing; Book family a vacation/holiday trip

FEBRUARY: White goods (see: large appliances); chocolate (too obvious?)

MARCH: Used/second-hand vehicles

APRIL: DIY-type materials

MAY: Book a vacation/holiday trip; Home-ware (think vacuums and mattresses); Cameras

JUNE: Home entertainment; Cellular phones

JULY: Just about anything found on the “high streets”; Heating maintenance/repairs; a 4×4 (all-wheel drive) vehicles; Furniture

AUGUST:  School supplies

SEPTEMBER: Technology; Home appliances; Anything for the new university student

OCTOBER: Garden care things (awesomely technical, right? …dots…); New vehicle

NOVEMBER: Sports car

DECEMBER: Alcohol; New vehicle


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