Bussing in the UK

I’ve touched on mass transport before, but it does bear repeating, especially in light of some new learning. You can go ahead and hang the disclaimer: “may not apply to all of UK” on this post, I won’t judge you badly for it – it’s honestly a good idea, as my experience is largely limited to Norfolk and London.

Now, to be fair, it really shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, but return-trip bus tickets are generally only good with the company that issues them – even if different companies charge the same rate and go to the same destination – because yay privatisation~! -_-

Of course, I had to verify this the hard way (if you happened to see a strange person with a red stroller wandering around your neighbourhood like they were casing the joint… yeah, sorry; that was probably me, I got lost more times than I care to admit going in a circle). Now what I did learn was interesting. As far as Norfolk is concerned, there is the option of buying “Fusion” tickets for the bus – these tickets will allow you to ride the vast majority (note: not all, unfortunately) of the busses. Which is great if you have to travel all over the place for a day, or just want to (you know the meme, just picture it, don’t make me go get it) “See ALL the things!” http://www.norfolk.gov.uk/Travel_and_transport/Public_transport/Buses/Tickets_and_fares/index.htm

It’s the small things in life, sometimes. Like being able to get from point A to point B on one ticket… and dry socks.

More dry socks than the first one, though.


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