Progress Report From Golden-Eye (part 2)

Remember Golden-Eye? They had their day in court in February. Since February has come and gone, we asked them how it went, this is what Golden-Eye had to say:


They heard our case then adjourned it asking of more medical evidence then withdrew their earlier decision a day before we where meant to go back up to Wales and are going to review our case and send us a new decision in the next few months.

yeah so more endless waiting sigh but its a good sign I hope.

How charming. So, let me get this straight, in typical Home Office style, they first BS’ed around by telling Golden-Eye to supply more documentation for their spouse’s medical condition… then, (caps for emphasis) ON THE DAY BEFORE THE COURT WAS SUPPOSED TO MEET AGAIN, the Home office decided to WITHDRAW their original decision.

The Home Office is a collection of Jerk-wads who live off of the tears of others. F***ers.

So Golden-Eye and their spouse are STILL in legal limbo while they wait for the Home Office to stop screwing around and send a new decision.

There is some hope; a lot of the cases I’ve heard about where the Home Office withdrew and then produced a new decision have generally gone in favour of the applicant(s). Still, this jerking around, carrot-dangling, horse-hocky is obscene.

And that’s putting it nicely.

It cannot be stated enough how much our hearts go out to Golden-Eye and families like theirs.


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