Progress Report From Golden-Eye

On a personal note: I am nearing the end of the period in my pregnancy where I can fly without a doctor’s note. Given that we (still) haven’t gotten the refusal letter yet, this likely will mean that I’ll have to schedule an additional appointment with the Midwife to get a letter to sign off that it’s okay for me to fly before I can actually leave the country when the fabled refusal letter does decide to appear on our doorstep.

In other news: I am sorry to say I have nothing to report in regards to the #MMCase and the status of their request for Legal Aid. Of course, by extension, I have heard nothing in regards to the status of their ability to appeal.

But, what I do have, is an update from Golden-Eye on the status of their appeal. They have received notice that their appeal will be held (in caps for emphasis, because this dog has completely slipped its leash) IN FEBRUARY OF NEXT YEAR. And, if their solicitor is to be believed, this is the norm, not the exception – appeals are taking 5+ months before being heard by the Tribunal.

Of course, just because they will be heard at that time, does not mean they will be resolved in a timely manner. Unsurprisingly, there is a massive amount of backlog and, as Harley Miller’s battle and that of Bang and David would indicate – it’s a long, uphill, slog against the wind. Is it impossible to succeed? No, clearly, it isn’t, but not without immense struggle.

Golden-Eye has our wholehearted support and best wishes for their success and as things progress, they have said that they will keep in touch with us at Transplant Monologues. Their story in this saga is one that shouldn’t be left untold, though the circumstances (which, frankly, are an utter disgrace) should never have been allowed to transpire.


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