NHS Part 4

Still no word on the status of the financial aid for the MM people in regards to the #MMCase, and as we haven’t gotten our visa refusal letter yet, there is another update on my experiences with the NHS after all. 

For those who are low-risk, one can expect to be seen at 16 weeks of pregnancy by their Midwife and then have their second scan at 20 weeks. This post will cover those dates.

Looking back at my 16 week Midwife appointment, I realise that, come my next appointment, I’m going to have to be more on the ball about testing: apparently we were supposed to talk about scheduling the Glucose Tolerance Test, but the only thing we did was check the baby’s heart rate, have my blood pressure checked and verified that there was nothing to report from the newest urine sample.

So that didn’t happen, and it needed to happen, so… great. It was written plainly in the notes as well that I needed one as well. I guess that can be counted as a fail on both ends: theirs and mine.

This, if course, has only come to me since I’ve started reviewing my book of notes related to the pregnancy in the wake of my 20 week Ultrasound. How did that go? All in all, pretty good, I’d say.

We were lucky, we got the same technician we had at our first scan, which was great fun since the tech has a sense of humour and I’m always game for hamming things up as much as possible.

In the UK, they require verbal consent before performing the 20 week scan, though I can’t be sure if that’s unusual or not for the rest of the world. As it is an anomaly scan, they check for potential problems and how the baby is growing in more detail – heart, growth, fluid around the baby and the placenta’s position are just a few of the things they look at.

For us, everything came out fine, except for one small detail that warrants a follow-up scan further down the line (at 32 weeks). All that said, my next appointment for the midwife is scheduled for the 30th of September and the follow-up scan is set for the 11th of November. Either of which, I may not be able to make due to life having other ideas. 


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