#MMcase Aftermath

With still no sign of any appeals being lodged against the Court of Appeals’ ruling on MM -v- Secretary of State, the expectation that we’re going to be having a refusal letter being sent out to us on the 28th of this month (see: three days from now) and the wildfire rumour that some refusals only give people some 10 days to pack their stuff and go… yeah, we’re packing, hoping for the best but honestly expecting the worst.

Much like how it was done when I moved from the states, my husband and I have been sorting out our possessions; trying to decide what to give away, sell, throw away or keep. We’ve already decided that most of our things will simply have to be sold or given away, though I am honestly not sure if my husband realises how much that will have to ultimately be.

In the worst case of this scenario, I would be headed back to the States; specifically Minnesota where it will likely be just starting to cool off from the Summer (that apparently never was, according to my family – i.e. they found it blissfully mild compared to other years). In light of things, and the fact that I simply won’t need any of it here yet, either; I’ve already packed one suitcase full of my winter gear, the small amount of baby stuff that we’ve accumulated and some of my treasured valuables.

Some things will still need to be shipped either before I leave (ideally) or closer to when my husband will be able to follow, of course, but barring those things my goal is to get my life to fit into two checked bags, plus carry-ons.

My husband, for his share, is optimistically believing that he’s going to sell/give away/trash the vast majority of his things save for his books and clothing. What I’m not sure he’s realised yet or not is that, even’t if he’s not necessarily leaving the UK at the same time as I am, he still needs to think about consolidating back down so that he can fit all of his things into a room at his parents’ place. That move will be happening, regardless, by no later than the 14th of August.

I can’t really push him anymore than I am already, so the only thing for me to do is just to worry about my own things and be prepared for whatever comes. At the very least, I will know that I’ll be ready.


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