Ruling on MM & Ors -v- Secretary of State (Home Office)

Via BritCits: “CONFIRMED Judgment in MM and Ors vs SSHD to be handed down Friday 11 July, 10:30am, Courtroom 3 (Justice Aikens). Fingers, toes, all crossed please!”

For many, this journey has been two years in the making – since the new rules came into effect in June 2012 (for a grand total of 3,641 families on hold according to the most recent FOI).

At this point, as I’ve only just seen the news myself, I have not been able to verify if there will be a live-stream or broadcast of the ruling (EDIT: There is likely be, if this article is to be believed). I will add a link to the live-stream, once I find one, and  will be wallpapering it all over Twitter.

Official hashtag for this event on Twitter is #MMcase for those who want to follow for additional information from others; there are likely to be some tweeting live and on location on the day of the ruling.

EDIT 8/07/2014: Word is through the grapevine that, due to how quickly the ruling will be handed down, there will not be a live-stream of the event officially. So as it stands, unless they allow recording devices into the building in another form (I suspect not), the chances of being able to watch online are looking slim. Again, if I find anything new, I will be update accordingly.

In the meantime, if you’re just joining us (it’s possible) and you have limited or no knowledge of the history of the MM Case; you can find a rather detailed history of things to date on BritCits’ Website as well as look at some of their meet-ups already scheduled.

EDIT 10/07/2014: It was brought to my attention that those who plan to be at the Court of Appeal ruling IN PERSON, should plan to come early to get through security. There is also a slight update on the time for when the ruling is supposed to be handed down (it was 10AM originally, but has been confirmed by the courts that it will be at 10:30AM), so plan accordingly if you are going to be there yourself.


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