A Special Announcement

And before anyone asks: No, it isn’t about MM & Ors -v- Secretary of State; we’re still waiting and won’t likely hear anything until closer to August, or so the most recent rumours indicate.

This announcement is of a more personal nature… No, it doesn’t have to do with our application or anything to do with Visas; sorry, it’s all family related.

Some of you might have been wondering if something was up. First it was the layout change, and then the stuff about NHS and promises for more with no clear indication of why. Let me put the curiosity to rest at last: perhaps unsurprisingly (it has been a year since we’ve been married, and people would ask about it regularly), my husband and I are expecting our first child. As of today’s date, I’m about 12 weeks – by my estimate – pregnant.

It’s a very exciting time for us, and yes, we’re happy about the change that is coming into our lives.  But, understandably, there are questions weighing heavily on the minds of people in relation to this news, chief among them is likely, “Do you have medical insurance?” or, alternatively, “How are you going to cover medical costs?”

To put some minds at ease, and to get the information out there for those who may need it themselves, let me explain:

First of all, because I have been living in the UK for a year now (12 months plus some, to be fair) as a non-EEA resident I now pass what is called the “habitual residency test,” which, in theory would mean that I qualify for NHS coverage, though there is some debate on whether or not people like myself should be allowed. So there’s that fact.

Secondly, I am carrying in my uterus a British citizen and while I do not like the idea of being dehumanised, because of this I am more-or-less considered an incubator for said UK offspring and the NHS is required to see to the medical needs of the child… and me by extension.

I have opted to wait until everyone in our families had heard the news before going on to share it with the world, which is why all of you are hearing about it now.

So occasionally there will be an update in relation to my journey through the NHS as a pregnant migrant. I will endeavour to keep the TMI-factor to a minimum, though that is not always possible with the given topic (as I’m sure many of you have experienced with your own families). Much like how I did with the Renting in the UK series, I want to highlight the differences and challenges that I encounter so that others can learn from them and be better prepared to deal with it themselves.

Beyond that, expect business as usual for Transplant Monologues.


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