No News on C4/2013/2086: MM -v- Secretary of State + Plus Some Numbers

The title says it all; despite the Immigration Advice Services’ optimism in early June that we would hear something soon, June has come and gone and now we’re looking at July with hopeful doe-eyes… and little else.

Regardless of when a decision is made, it’s important to remember that the battle will not likely end with the Court of Appeals, for reasons that have been stated several times over by multiple sites so I will forgo the rant for once.

Instead, let’s talk numbers. Because even if you aren’t in the same boat as I am as far as the immigration thing goes, there are very few things that get a person hot under the collar quite like wasted tax-payer money. Like, the amount spent on legal fees by the Home Office and here (because it was a two-part series).

But how much does it really cost, assuming a UK Citizen met the current income requirements (and, frankly, 47% of the working population of the UK cannot), from start to finish, to have their partner/child/family member settle in the UK? It’s not cheap: British Citizens are forced to pay a minimum of £3,381.10 in fees just to have one non-EEA family member settle here.


The real insult to all of this is, per each step in the process, the UK Home Office only spends £182 per application to process. As Britcits has noted: the UK Citizen is paying over 18 times the cost. Why? No reason, since said Citizens are already paying taxes to off-set any additional costs that would be associated with caring for another person and/or the sponsored individual MAY on a FLR or ILR Visa be allowed to work/pay taxes themselves.

Note: Fiancé Visa holders, like I am while still in limbo, are not allowed to work or volunteer and have “no recourse to public funds” – my sponsor (see: spouse) is providing all of the support – but those of you who have been following Transplant Monologues knew that already.

So, basically, UK Citizens are being double-charged for the same service (over 18 times as much, because, surprise surprise, the government hates you), plus you’re paying the Home Office to erode your human rights further.



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