Ducks and (Still) No News About MM & Ors -v- Secretary of State

I’m just going to let the title of this one speak for itself regarding the Income Requirements case and plunge right into the rest of it: Ever get that feeling where it feels like all you ever seem to do is line a bunch of ducks up in a row, but never really get around to shooting them? Yeah, that’s kind of where I’m at these days. Hence the lack of posts on le blog recently.

So what’s going on? Well, aside from my birthday coming up (you can just insert the Arrogant Worms’ song “Happy Birthday” here mentally if you would like), we’re getting the last few pieces of documentation for the newest year’s tax returns to send preemptively to the UK Home Office because showing that my husband has met the income requirement for yet another year is still our best hope of finally getting off of hold so that we can get on with our lives.

I haven’t forgotten my promise to get more in depth with the NHS stuff, I’m working on material for it I swear. It’s just going to take a few more weeks (?!) before  I can give you anything tangible on that.

The schite storm that brewed up over recent promises to make teachers ‘promote’ “British Values” in schools is already starting to blow down. But the whole thing has me still rather on edge. WTAF are “British Values” anyway?

No, seriously. Just what values do the UK people hold dear that no one else does in the world? For those of you who aren’t British, now might be a good time for turning it on yourselves and asking a similar question: What values do I have that no one else does in the world?

Let’s think about this a minute: If these values are held as things fundamentally important principles that the vast majority of humans possess, why call them “British”? Or do they honestly believe that only British people value things like freedom and education?

There aren’t many ways an egg can fall on the top of a two-sided roof, to turn a phrase; If that is what they believe, then they’re not treading the line of Xenophobia, they’ve cha-cha-slid their way past it; and it isn’t in the good way.

That’s just point-blank insulting.


2 thoughts on “Ducks and (Still) No News About MM & Ors -v- Secretary of State

  1. British Values – surely they are the ones which we so effectively put to paper in the fifties where we lead the world along with our European neighbours in defining a lasting set of basic human rights and creating an international court to uphold them. Oh – sorry, no those things are evil and a bane on modern society pushed upon us by meddling Europeans who should respect our soverignity … hmmmm . How things change 😦

    1. Well, that would be my whole point: the values aren’t strictly British. They are, at their core, Human Values – things that most people aspire to have. The United States has many of the same laws in their own books.

      My gripe isn’t so much about the values in and of themselves, but the renewed push to somehow re-brand them as being strictly British; as you yourself have noted, this leads to “othering” of cultures and parts of the world that aren’t UK and by calling those same basic human rights (which the current government has been pushing to undermine as of late) UK-only, indirectly stigmatises the rest of the very large world.

      Thanks for your input!

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