NHS Part 2 and UK Immigration Bill given Royal Assent

First of all: The UK Immigration Bill received Royal Assent yesterday; which means it will become law. What does this mean for immigrants? Migrants’ Rights Network created a summary that does a great job of highlighting some of the greatest issues involving the bill, appropriately named: What you need to know about the Immigration Bill.

If you are, or know someone who is, an Immigrant in the UK, I highly recommend reading it. The impact is massive and a large portion of it is just plain ugly. Once you have done that, I also encourage those who can make the trip to meet up with Britcits, Movement Against Xenophobia and others on the 19th of May in London for their Stop Scapegoating Migrants Event and to continue to tweet and re-tweet the #NoXenophobia hashtag.

All that said: I had an appointment at my new GP office with a Nurse Practitioner yesterday. I arrived early, expecting to have paperwork to fill out ahead of time (it’s the American way), but I was asked to just sit and wait until the NP was ready to see me, which wasn’t very long – probably all of 10 minutes, as the music playing in the background changed tunes about three times while I was sitting there.

I was called in by first name and from there it was all pretty routine. Stand and get measured and weighed – the biggest difference was that the measurements were metric – had my blood pressure checked, blah, blah, blah… Very anti-climatic. I did ask for some more specific tests which they couldn’t do at the location I was at, so I was referred to another GP Surgery (which only sounds dramatic, I swear) which I will have to call and set up a separate appointment at a later date.



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