The UKBA/Home Office Immigration Catch-22

If this plot was any thicker, you’d turn it out onto a platter and call it jello.

And before anyone asks: I still haven’t heard anything about MM & Others Versus Home Office (AKA: C4/2013/2086).

People say that knowledge equals power – but I know of an occasion when even knowledge is impotent. It happens when one obtains said information so belatedly that the window of opportunity has not only been closed, but they’ve boarded the whole skyscraper of opportunity up and are auctioning it off to the highest bidder. Ya’ll can raise all the eyebrows and shake all of the heads you want at that facsimile, but that is exactly what we have when it comes to the blue-balling that one gets from the UKBA.

‘Fo shizzle, what the heck you talking about? Well and good that you might ask, let me back up a bit and explain:

You know how we found out that they put us on hold? How they have excluded parts of my husband’s income because we did not submit documentation they did not request or allude to in Appendix FM? Yeah, apparently, due to the sheer number of people they have put on hold, they were only permitting applicants to submit additional documentation only ONCE.

Wait, hang on a minute: do you mean only once as in when they sent you that letter notifying you that you were being put on hold and had only ten days to submit additional information?


But they only gave you ten days to respond! And they didn’t even tell you what documentation they needed to satisfy their request, even though it was noted in the case notes that they were disallowing the self-employment because you didn’t submit Invoices!

Yeah, and?

It takes almost 40 days to complete a SAR – you would never have learned of the reason before the deadline. It’s like they were banking on you sending them something random or even going past the deadline completely!

Pro-tip: The system isn’t broken when it works exactly the way they want it to work.

If you’re getting the feeling that they’re setting you up for failure, chances are you’re not wrong. Good luck proving it, however.

So now what? We are still working with our solicitor and it seems, at this juncture at least, our next best step is to prepare my husband’s newest tax return with a certified accountant and submit it along with the documentation to show the income exists. It cannot be said enough that, without reserve, we are unanimously appalled that the only reason they can come up with in the case notes is that we did not supply something that was never required and have disallowed income on that basis.

Sounds pretty straight forward, doesn’t it? Only on the surface, because however lame the excuse is, people in similar situations to ours have said that they have been told that people on hold aren’t allowed to submit any additional documentation because of arbitrary unwritten rules on how to ruin a good day. More than our solicitor has recommended that we submit more information anyway (on the basis of “it can’t hurt us to try.”)

That’s what we’re working on now. The process is about 1/3 of the way done so far as collecting the information goes. One would think that we would be more in a rush, but we’re not because we’re still likely to be still stuck on hold, it seems, regardless of the fact that we know that their reasons are complete hogwash.

No further ahead than we were before, we’re going to have to wait until the Home Office gives up on fighting against the courts over the Income Requirement ruling or decides to consider the additional documentation that we will be submitting in the coming weeks.

I would make jokes, demanding to know if they’re going to take away my right to use the now privatised Royal Mail next, but given how the Immigration bill already seeks to strip us of the ability to get a drivers license, open a bank account, the right to appeal against just about any ruling made by UKBA on an application, the right to family life, to rent an apartment and even goes as far as to grant Theresa May the right to make anyone she sees fit stateless… Yeah, it’s not funny anymore.


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