Friends Don’t Let Friends be Xenophobic

If you’re not in the UK, you might be forgiven for having missed the news about UKIP’s racist billboards. You might have also missed David Cameron’s attempts to drive a wedge between people in the UK and further the erosion of social cohesion. At best these things are thoughtless, careless, actions that lack empathy. At worst, they are the fever driven rage-vomits of scaremongers.

IMHO (okay, so maybe there isn’t much “humble” in that, but w/e), neither of which are contributing positively to their respective debates (i.e. Immigration and Religion, respectively). Because they’re so utterly divorced from fact and reality that they have been served restraining orders from them and were denied visitation of the figurative children.

It doesn’t matter how broad a brush you attempt to paint with, no amount of white-wash will disguise UKIP’s rampant bigotry. If you love your friends, family and country – if you catch anyone attempting to parrot their rhetoric – do everyone a favour and please DO point out the obvious: it’s racist. Because, as the title of this  post says, friends don’t let friends be xenophobic.

Stirring up division and tensions among people is dangerous; the more distance that is placed between two cultures or minority groups, the more room hatred and abuse has to breed. The implication that we must somehow go back to the days where faith was mandated and one religion had toleration control over the people… to put it simply, it isn’t the stuff that you put on a greeting hard over the holidays; in fact, I would go so far as to say it is somehow less wholesome than white bread… though that would require that I make the quantum leap and turn faith into food and last I checked I wasn’t a deity so that ain’t happening.

Point being, it’s fundamentally wrong to use a political platform to other… well, others. The very act dehumanises all of us and there is more than enough civil unrest in the world without trying to create more at home.

But am I actually surprised by any of this news? Not really. I’ve said it before and I’m holding to it now: the only minority group that hasn’t been demonised by the current government is the white, middle-aged, affluent, straight, cis, (now apparently Christian) male. And when a minority group in the UK that’s always had a privileged existence is getting constant reaffirmation that only their group has value and is valid, everyone suffers.


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