What do we know about C4/2013/2086: MM -v- Secretary of State?

Yeah, that question. Everyone has been asking it. They’ve been asking Britcits and Freemovement and just about every other source that they can think of who might actually know WTAF (What The Actual F*** – newish acronym making the scene, because we’re that cool nerdy) is going on.

To be frankly honest:

No, seriously, I have seen nothing, I know nothing new about what’s going on. Yes, I know, it’s got me crawling up the drapes screaming like someone possessed by demons (you’re welcome?) too, but that’s just where we’re at in this game. Simply put, the judges are still deliberating.

But let’s have a moment of reality, there is little point in getting very excited about whatever they decide. If they side against the Home Office like we hope, then the Theresa May (you can insert whatever insult you like after her name, it’s all good by me) is going to appeal, again, and everyone will still be on hold. If they side with the HO (and that acronym just gets more and more unfortunately amusing with each passing day, I swear), then everyone who has been put on hold will be rejected.

So it’s a game of hurry-up-and-wait or Lose-lose, no matter what. There have been recently unearthed documents (you can thank Britcits for these, they posted them first) that suggest that family visas have been put on hold are a deliberate attempt to stall for time so that the immigration bill can be passed so that said applicants do not have the right to appeal against the rulings.

Insidious, yes, intentional? Of course it is. But that’s the charming thing about all of this (in the way that a punch in the eye is charming) is that these facts are not what get broadcast over open media. No, instead of talking about how Asylum Seekers are forced into subhuman, abject, poverty because of Theresa May’s sheer lack of empathy and logic, they push out sourceless statistics thrown out by Labour MP Yvette Cooper about how “At the same time illegal immigration – which isn’t included in the target – is getting worse. More people are absconding at the border, fewer are being caught and sent home, and the number of people here illegally is growing.”

Can we say Scare-tactics and fear mongering? My husband and I have had to take very hard stances as well among friends and family who are seriously considering voting for racist and bigoted UKIP. We’ve made it very clear that, if they want us to have children at all – if they care about us in the slightest, they should NEVER support that political group.

Why do we say that? Simple, really. They would not only make the environment for all migrants and their families intolerable, but would render it financially impossible for us to have children. Because only the obscenely affluent can afford private healthcare and private education for themselves and their children in the UK. Also, would someone please tell these knuckle heads that paying for privet-anything does not add money to the public purse? Seriously.

Frankly, if someone wants their children to be proud of the nation they are born in, they ought to make said nation something to be proud of, rather than stripping it of all human decency. Right now, can the children in the UK say that their nation helps the weak, the broken, the down-trodden, the abused, the used, the exploited, the helpless, the hopeless? Can they say that their nation actively invests and cares about their own futures as individuals, as a nation, as a part of the global economy? Can they say that their nation respects and nurtures and fosters positive impact on other societies? Can they even say that, in their nation, rights and justice are not auctioned off to the highest bidder and those with the least do not suffer the most?

If you feel that, on any of those questions, that the answer is unequivocally yes, then you clearly have not been paying attention.


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