Tell @airmauritius to #FlyWithAMoralCompass

Those of you not in the UK may not have heard about this, so let me get you up to speed quickly:

Despite a massive amount of support for the girl mentioned in the article, Theresa May had her deported anyway. Alone. To a country where she has no one to speak of to help her. British Airways acted morally in this case and refused to take her, but Air Mauritius has not so I’m asking people to remind them what it means to have a moral compass with a Twitter Protest.

As the title of this post indicates, if you would all be so kind as to Tweet to them to #FlyWithAMoralCompass, it would be greatly appreciated. If you’re flying anywhere, it is recommended you seek to purchase your tickets with another carrier.

And as a reminder: don’t let the UK Immigration Bill pass! Call/Write/Visit your MPs, contact those in the House of Lords – hammer home that, however bad it is now, if that bill goes through the injustices will only become greater.

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