It’s About Perspective

It’s all about perspective; as paranoid as I can be – and I have to admit that I am – it isn’t personal, it isn’t about me specifically, but the ever elusive “other.” For good or ill, people do what they think is best for their own. It’s just unfortunate that their own has more defining criteria, I think, than mine.

On a spiritual/emotional level, I feel a bit low. Arguably, I’m drained when it comes to coping (because it’s coping; if I’m honest with myself, I never “dealt” with anything). I want things to work out and even though the rules say that I am in the right on this, I’m feeling like I’m somehow playing the wrong game.

So what’s going on? Well, after sending that letter BACK to the Public Enquiry Office, we’ve been waiting. We’re still waiting, actually, as we have not heard anything back yet. Today, I called Croydon.

First things first, I’ll restate the phone number you have to call to get to their information centre, it’s 08706-06-77-66. In the past, the phone tree told you to press 3 to enquire about the status of an application; I’ll tell you know, the phone tree has changed; you now need to press 2 as option three takes you to a message that tells you that all staff are busy and then promptly dumps you like a bad date.

So I dialled the number twice and the second time, I was put into the queue and was answered in under a minute. So much for everyone being busy. I spoke to a woman named Susan, who had a pleasant and polite sounding voice – I have to give her points, she was calm and her manner instantly set me at ease; something that is not easy to achieve given the nature of the job – we had the typical exchanges and she verified that they have received our letter and it was going through the triage process now.

What does that mean? Not a whole lot, beyond the obvious. But that was to be expected; they simply do not have access to anything more substantial. It’s an intentional barrier that was established to block applicants from becoming their own advocates or even helping ECOs to understand the documentation they are looking at for which they have no means of obtaining adequate training without obtaining a degree of accounting…

But that’s my soapbox and I honestly need to step off of it and find some new material.

The other day, I took the time to take a stab at giving a 60 second video in response to Open Generation’s question on what under-30s think of migration. People who know me personally (and most readers by now, I’m sure), could imagine how well I did – given how much I tend to waffle on – it’s due more to the credit of my editing software that I got the video down to one minute and 27 seconds. >_> Don’t judge me…

I am not the most profound speaker in the world, in fact, I outright stink when it comes down to it, so I’ll do what I’m (marginally) better at and reach out to the general public on behalf of Open Generation and take part in their campaign.


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