Eyes On the Ball

In keeping with the theme of my Visa being on hold and my last post where I rambled in length about certain MPs who seem to be of the opinion that I’m just benefit leaching/job-stealing/non-integrating scum.

Points to our solicitor/lawyer, he’s keeping his eyes on the ball. As much as I would love to rake those aforementioned MPs from stem to stern and send them crying back to their mothers… our solicitor is right in that, any attempt to do so, would do us more harm than actual good. He’s not buying what they said, either, in relation to my husband’s self-employed income. It makes so little sense to him that he’s sticking with his original thought that it may have something to do with the hourly employment income from my husband’s second job.

But they must think I’m a true idiot, because why else would the letter we mailed off in reply to the UK Home Office’s be put through our mail slot today – ONE MONTH LATER? Do you honestly expect me to believe that it took Royal Mail a whole month to decide that there wasn’t enough postage to mail it? Seriously?


Excuse me, whoever handled this letter, but I weighed it myself before we put it in the mail. It was sent first class standard and it was under 100g how you come to the conclusion that it costs £1.09 for this when it clearly states on the website that it should be 90p for the same service is laughable at its best, especially (as noted before) it was mailed out a month ago. I am not stupid, neither are you, and shockingly enough, I’m paying attention. You could fertilise a Heathrow with all of that BS you’re trying to sell.

I am not impressed.


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