Hoop Jumping

As promised, I would let you guys know how in my previous post, how things are going and what I’ve learned from this experience. Thus far, I am left to conclude that calling the information number was only useful in the fact that they told me that I would have to write back to the original person who sent me the letter, outlining my reasons why they’ve gotten it all wrong.

In short, there is no short-cut, you have to do everything by snail-mail, because that’s what we do in the 21st century; use slow, outdated, forms of communication for time-sensitive materials. Yep – wait, what?

Oh, okay, whatever. I give up.

We’ve heard back from our solicitor – unfortunately he can’t see us until after the “04nd November 2013” deadline (yes, as a matter of fact, I AM going to mock them on that typo at least seven more times before I give it a rest), though he cannot see why they’ve imposed such a thing upon us when there is no statutory/legal reason to do so.

That said, we’re not taking chances. I’ve written a letter, included copies of my husband’s income statements, as well as a copy of the letter from our Certified Accountant (the one associated with the right financial body), highlighted each line accordingly and my letter basically walks them through their job for them, with an added note that should this fail to satisfy them, I would like a detailed written explanation on what needs to be addressed.

We’ll be sending the letter and supporting documentation out today. I suspect that, like all mail that is sent to the UK Home Office, it will then sit there for at least another month before we hear anything back from them.

I’m going to keep saying this until someone with some actual power hears it: the expectation that ECOs know Accounting is as flawed as the assumption that Accountants know Immigration Law. The current system requires both and, without adequate training for either to succeed, it sets everyone up for failure.


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