Failure is Guaranteed When EMOs are Required to Be Accountants

On Saturday, we received this letter in the mail from the Home Office PEO where we submitted my application. The letter was dated the 24th of October. Just judging from the fact that it tells us we have until the “04nd of November” of this year to send any additional supporting documentation, I’ll go out on a limb and assume it’s a template and anyone else who stands to be refused solely on the grounds that they do not meet the Income Requirements will get the same.


Of course, two separate accountants and HMRC can verify that my Husband, in fact, did earn over £18,600 last year and the year before as well. The fact that we have gotten this letter basically confirms our suspicions that the expectation of EMOs (Entry Clearance Officers) to be able to read and understand an Accountant Statement of Income sheet – let alone anything else – is asking too much of them.



As it stands now, we have three-and-a-half options. We can:

1. Sit back and do nothing but wait until the Courts make a decision regarding the Home Office’s appeal on the original ruling over the Income Requirements.

1.5 Try to come up with yet another method of spelling out to them, as concisely as possible, where and how we meet the requirement and THEN wait until the Courts make a decision regarding the Home Office’s appeal.

2. Withdraw the application, pay MORE fees, and try again with updated financial information (Ha ha, Bob, ha ha).

or 3. See what our solicitor/lawyer has to say regarding the chances of us taking them to court ourselves (not really ideal, but it is an option).

We’re not sitting back and doing nothing at this point in the game. We’ve already contacted our solicitor, though we are not expecting to hear from him until – at the earliest – tomorrow morning.

My Husband said it first, but it’s worth repeating: “How stupid is it that they’re only giving us seven days to produce more evidence? How do they expect us to meet that kind of deadline?”

Very simple, actually; they don’t actually want us to submit any additional information. What they want is for us to sit back and wait, or withdraw and start over. The end of the calendar year is two months away; the end of the fiscal year is five months away – this comes down to them basically using the appeal as a way of skewing the numbers to make net immigration appear to be going down.

Any good accountant could tell you this much, as they are used to companies trying to shift expenses and revenue to either side of year-end. It’s perfectly within GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices/Principles), perfectly legal, and it’s nigh undetectable. The same holds true for Net Immigration.

Tomorrow, I will have to call Home Office (again) and layout the facts of the matter and then try to see what they have to say for themselves. Obviously, I’ll let you guys know how it turns out – if only so you don’t have to go through the same hoops that I’ll have to jump – should the same happen to you or anyone you know.

But this system…. UGH!


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