Postal Person Rush – 4 Months and Counting

Every time the mail arrives either through the slot in the door or a package is dropped off, I perform an act and it is called: stop what you’re doing, woman, and run to see what’s in the mail!

The closest thing I can compare this to was when I was a child near my birthday and I was excited because I could expect a letter from my grandmother in Tennessee. That bubbling excitement that comes from knowing something is probably on the way and could arrive any day now.

Except I don’t know. It’s been 4 months now since I registered my biometrics at the Public Enquiry Office when we submitted my Visa Application and it was 3 months ago when we last had written word from the Home Office. All attempts to call and speak to them have been met with the same response: “It is still awaiting further consideration,” a standard answer that is given to just about everyone who phones them up and asks what is going on.

I have to remind myself that I’m not alone in this; that it isn’t personal – it’s just rampant scapegoating gone amok as fascists point at immigrants, young, old, sick, disabled, teachers and students and name them all as the reasons for whatever issue they have of the day.

When I think like this, I am just aghast at the lack of response  – where are the protests? Why aren’t we organising a one-day walk-off/strike across all sectors and lives affected? Back in 2011, a mass protest on austerity saw 500,000 people marching, more recently: the NHS protests in Manchester had over 50,000 people showed up. The people are there, they are fighting peacefully against the régime, but Parliament does not appear to be listening.

It’s frustrating that I end up having to wonder what it would take for people to be heard? I’d hate for this have to come down to a repeat of the riots that took place in the Thatcher era. It shouldn’t BE this way, it shouldn’t have to come down to that, but if 500,000 people in 2011 wasn’t enough to give a wakeup call… the whole thing is morbidly depressing.

Much like how my Husband was twisted/curious enough to wonder what would happen if the US failed to kick-the-can down the road (again) and had to default on its debts (probably the worst idea in the history of horrible ideas), I – too – am starting to ask horrid what-ifs that should never be pondered, as you can clearly see.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 22nd of October, Parliament will be doing its second reading of the new Immigration Bill. A protest is already being organised by MAX (Movement Against Xenophobia) at 10:30AM at College Green, Westminster – which is opposite of Parliament. You guys can just take that as my shameless plug. I want the whole of London to be a sea of protesters so thick that traffic stops; I want a roar of citizens so deafening that it permeates the halls of Westminster and shakes the benches politicians sit upon.



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