PSA: Motorcyclists Follow Rules of The Road

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, that message holds true, but today I’ll be speaking directly in relation to the little darlings that we encountered on the trip home from Essex the other day.

Dear UK Motorcyclists:

Follow the rules of the road. No, seriously. You do yourselves no favours when you are WEAVING between cars, lanes, each other, the ditch on the side, oncoming traffic, etc. al. No one, I repeat, NO ONE, can see you when you’re driving on the white-lines in-between lanes. Why? Because, in most cars, THAT’S WHERE THE BLIND SPOT IS; that’s why people are supposed to be extra cautious when they change lanes – that blind spot can hide dangers.

And you knuckleheads are driving in it, why? Because, for some reason, you seem to believe that the rules of the road don’t apply to you. Which makes no sense unless your credo is, literally, YOLO (See: You Only Live Once). FYI – that’s not a compliment. You’re going to get not just yourselves, but other people killed.

It’s a public road, with normal traffic, you guys are racing on it… whatever. Be considerate to other drivers. Driving as you were caused more accidents of your own making.

In the states there is a campaign called “Start Seeing Motorcyclists” and it paired with generally responsible bikers, it has helped a lot in reducing deaths and injuries of them on the road.

Once upon a time, when I was learning to drive my Moped-classed Scooter, I was required to take a Motorcycle safety course. I learned a lot of scary things as well as a lot of useful bits of advice.

“Always check your break-lines once you get back to your cycle,” I was told by a fellow student, “Sometimes people misdirect their hate for bad bikers onto others by cutting or disconnecting the breaks. Always, always, always check them – even if you haven’t been away long. It doesn’t take much and it could safe your life.”

The teacher, actually, gave me the advice I’m giving you now, he said, “Never, ever, drive into blind-spots, on shoulders or between cars unless failing to do so would risk the life of your or anyone else. Use defensive driving procedures, SIPDE, at all times – Search/Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute.”

You are a two-wheeled machine without any protection against the outside environment – drive like it.


4 thoughts on “PSA: Motorcyclists Follow Rules of The Road

  1. Omg…I hate driving with bikers around period. Doesn’t matter if it’s one or a dozen, they scare me. The worst was during Arge’s wedding, we dropped them off at the hotel for the night and drove back to her hubby’s dad’s place like…an hour away or something. We came to an area where at least a dozen or more of the bastards passed me in a group, and even though I slowed down, they didn’t bother to try and speed up at all and a couple of them got close to clipping the front end of the car because they decided to merge over too fucking early.
    Fuck bikers who have no respect for anyone else be it another bike or a car/truck/whatever.

    1. It’s a real shame. It isn’t all bikers that are like this, I need to stress that, but a select group of them seem to have an uncanny ability to disregard safety for themselves and the general public. It is largely due to that behaviour that good/safe bikers have to check their break-lines for fear that some motorist will retaliate against the wrong person.

      1. I honestly feel that ALL car drivers should spend a few months on the road as a biker. Just to make them more aware. It isn’t all a bikers fault, but a drivers fault ALSO. Everybody should be more aware. Before passing my test I did about 20,000 miles on my bike. I then switched to a car for a couple of years, before heading back onto a bike too. (Intention of Mrs having the car and me the bike if shes out and about). It’s amazing the amount of taxi’s, bus drivers and other “professional drivers” that think they own the road – just because your on a bike and unprotected. I get far less intimidation in the car by other road users than I do on the bike…

        It’s quite amazing also the amount of drivers who pull across to block a bikers path on purpose when a biker is filtering (I add that filtering is legal – but should be done “Cautiously” and in all cases only when “safe to do so” as with any OVERTAKING manouver).

      2. Very good points. I don’t know if it would be implementable, but I agree – there could be some additional learning to be had for car drivers by putting themselves in the position of the motorcyclist.

        Some of the aggressive driving behaviours you have observed may very well be another form of retaliation – it honestly wouldn’t surprise me – much in the same way break disabling is in the States.

        I think everyone can agree that there is a need for continuous improvement for all people who drive any vehicle, regardless of how many wheels it has. If we are open and accepting to input (there’s that utopian world that everyone aspires to create) everyone would become safer on the road.

        One thing that needs to be considered, I know, on part of car drivers is that a biker/bicyclist sometimes has no choice but to pick between lesser evils. It’s either filter or get smashed into by a merging lorry because they didn’t check the mirrors – for example.

        Thanks for your input! It’s good hearing from readers.

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