Flipping the Script

With all of the negatives out there lately, we need a change of pace. Flipping the script a little today; today I’m going to talk positives.

The support we have received is amazing, from people who are facing similar issues to friends, family, even complete strangers has been out of this world. Though late, the MP for our constituency did e-mail us back, saying that he would “look into the issues” we raised. We’ve since added our story to the host of others being compiled in a portfolio by BritCits (http://britcits.blogspot.co.uk), I’ve been engaging myself in discussions on Twitter with a host of people following/promoting Media Diversity in the UK (http://mediadiversityuk.com/about-us/), as well as helping another friend by proof-reading a book that she is writing.

Today is the 11th of September and while a lot of people – not just in the States, but abroad as well – are thinking back on the events that transpired in Benghazi as well as the plane crashes on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers. This day is a hard day for me; even in the states it was hard, because it is on this memorial that people sometimes speak and colour their day with too broad a brush in their effort to memorialise their feelings during those events when they originally took place.

I’m challenging the norm. Today, let us celebrate the progress we have made in the world, the ways we have grown closer, stronger, more unified. That we looked in the face of extremism and said, “No, we will not fall victim of your them-versus-us prejudice and rhetoric – today, we are one people. We are united, we are HUMANS. All of us.”

All humans – all living things, without exception, actually – deserve peace, equality, compassion, a world without fear of being treated less than equal. Despite what the media would tell you, despite what select minority extremist groups would say, humans are good.

We are all good. We mean well, we try our best. We aren’t perfect, of course; we forget sometimes to look after our brothers and sisters – our fellow human beings – but on a whole, we are good. We care for and respect our elders, we foster, nurture and raise our young to be generous, giving, loving and accepting of those who are different.

Humans are good. Today, we need to take time to remember that the ones that act out, that contradict this statement, are the exceptions – not the norm. In the diverse collective of the human race; they are the outliers. These groups (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extremist_Groups) and others like them are not and do not represent their nations, religion, culture… etc. al. on a whole.

They do not represent nor define you, me or anyone else outside of their small, isolated, collective sub-set. Today, let us remember that and lead by example.


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