On the Topic of Cars

If you like big vehicles, you’re going to have a hard time driving in the UK. This I concluded when I noticed that, even average sized cars, have to pull over to let others pass on the narrow side streets near my home.

My husband’s car happens to be a diesel and some days it feels like it was a sucker purchase as he had been sold on the idea that diesel was cheaper than normal gas. That was about a year ago now and it’s shot up in price to the point here where it is now the more expensive option. Diesel also has the added downfall of needing (yes, needing) longer road trips to keep the filter clear. Back when he had to drive to multiple towns for work, it was fine, but now that his work is more centrally located within one city… yeah, it’s just not working for us anymore.

Sadly, we’re still not in a position to do anything about it. This hasn’t stopped us from looking at options.  As much as it will probably horrify many car fanatics or those who are materialistically focused, we’ve been looking to downgrade to something both smaller and more affordable. the Smart Car and the Volkswagen Up! were just a couple of those that we’ve been considering since they were basically made for inner-city driving, the Up! specifically getting anywhere between 65-70MPG. Personally, as it is the one with functional rear seating, it is the one I’m leaning towards since it would also give us room to grow into. Never mind that it is basically half the price of what we have now.

And let’s face it, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m the true definition of stingy.

But they are both small cars and as I said before; bigger cars will not serve you very well on very narrow side-streets where people park at least a foot in on the curb and you still have to pull to the side to let other cars through. I actually am pretty impressed with how good drivers are here, but then again, you basically have no choice but to hire a teacher to pass your road test so…

I had to laugh though, two years ago, my husband would never have been caught dead or alive in a car that he thought looked remotely boot-like; now, he’s actually considering not just the boot, but the box-on-wheels, on top of that. Chalk that one up to having more experience and the added wisdom that it isn’t all about that superficial, shiny, surface that everyone seems to keen on having “just right” but what is truly on the inside that matters…

Or, perhaps more likely, he’s just gotten more stingy because of me and/or because he wants to get a new computer as well.

Oh well, however you get there, it doesn’t matter, so long as you do, right?


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