Still Waiting

If one goes off of the date the UKBA received our additional documentation, it has been two months now and we still haven’t heard anything more aside from the “don’t panic” letter they sent me that I received on the 20th of July – See: a month ago. I don’t think I need to say it, but I’ll say it anyway: the waiting game is not fun. It probably doesn’t help that they were restructured back in April, either; I would almost bet money that this has made things take longer as a result (

But what does this mean? Well it means, if I’m understanding this properly, that there are two Home Office groups now that deal with Immigration: one for VISA applications and the other for Immigration Law enforcement.

Poking around some more on the same website, I did find this: which I will probably be watching fairly closely to see the sorts of questions people ask that are similar to my own. I am slightly irritated, however, that despite having paid for the same service, there were others who were approved the same day, whereas we are now in the second month of just not knowing a thing. Only so much of this can be chalked up to having unique finances. This is along the lines of a child stomping their foot at the unfairness of it all, but, seriously, I think I have a point here.


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