PSA: End Child Exploitation

Every single online entity needs to be aware of the potential for hijacking for their webspace in the use of child pornography. In the UK, according to the above report on the BBC, since June there has been a dramatic increase of cases of this nature. As a member of the web community, I’m spreading the word and encouraging all others to do the same. If you have a website or blog – any online presence at all actually – please do yourself and the rest of the wold a favour and (in caps for emphasis) CHECK YOUR SERVER AND ALL UPLOADED IMAGES.

In many cases, the owners of websites do not know they have been hijacked/hacked until someone complains. We need to change this and become more proactive by regularly verifying our own content as much as possible. I openly encourage everyone to make it a routine: a simple quarterly check could save a child’s life, very literally.

How? Because if you do find suspicious activity, you can report it to the following authorities (in the UK) :

With knowledge of abuse, they can apply themselves to tracking down the source of the images and bring these sick, deranged, people to justice. I know of at least two cases where child sex offenders in the States that were caught with this method in the past year – by using good detective work to locate where the photos were taken – do not think that it’s a wild goose chase. Do not allow the cycle to continue.


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