UKBA Letter

On the 19th I received a letter from the UKBA. It appeared to be a template, for all intents and purposes, to notify me in the typical British roundabout fashion (implying but not actually stating the actual point) that my Fiancé VISA had expired, but until a decision could be reached on my FLR(M) application, the Fiancé VISA would continue to be effective.

Really, it was just a letter telling us what we already knew and that we shouldn’t panic. In addition to this, it reiterated that we shouldn’t make attempts to contact them – as it would be fruitless since they can’t tell us anything anyway – unless we want to withdraw or we need our passports back (which, really, is basically the same thing, but whatever).

I can see how something like this might be reassuring to some other couples, but because we were already well-informed going in, we had to consciously stop ourselves from overanalysing the letter’s contents. As I stated before, it was a standard template letter.

Though, in fairness, I question their use of the word “outstanding”. They used this word to describe the receipt of our documents and it could be taken in too many ways. Were they outstanding in the way that they were good? Or were they outstanding in the way that it was delayed? Way too ambiguous, especially since this was the first paragraph of the letter’s text and it was closed with an ellipsis ( which would imply that there was more to be said but they chose to omit it because… (see what I did there?)

Reading it and re-reading it, I was almost expecting to find suspiciously placed quotation marks over words. Let’s make this very clear, you can show a lot of sarcasm in writing when you use quotation marks, as it tends to indicate to the reader that the word bracketed by them is being used in a way you wouldn’t ordinarily have used it in the given situation. Yes, I was expecting someone to be a “dick” and put their own “personal touch” on the letter to help me feel “appreciated” or, at the very least, treated “like an equal.”

A part of me would have found it hilarious, too, had that been the case (you know, that same part of me that thinks it would be funny if, when waiting in line, someone punched me in the eye so that I wouldn’t be so annoyed about having to wait in a line anymore). Alas, I was disappointed.

Though, this does remind me of – an Atheist rant-blog that spares no mercy in pointing out the ironic, lame, or outright stupid that is reported in the media in the USA. I used to know the guy that wrote it. Not terribly exciting face-to-face, but he did have an odd manner to him that did make a person think that he was taking in a lot more than just the conversation… perhaps even adding his own punctation in his head to spice things up for himself.

In short, he was the type of person who was always amused, despite the fact the conversation wasn’t even about anything particularly funny.

Getting back to the wandering point; I have to admit, I haven’t read his stuff in about a year or so (very likely longer), but if you’re the sarcastic, godless, thick-skinned type who is already laughing at the absurdity of the world today and you haven’t – by some twist of cosmic fate – NOT read his blog yet. I recommend you do so.

Chances are, he wouldn’t remember me even if I showed him my picture and put my name up in all caps, but all the same – tell that loveable jerk-face I said hi. XD


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