Nestling Rescue

There is a nest of what we believe to be House Sparrows ( in the eves of the garage where we live. Recently, over the period of a couple of days, not one but two nestlings ( took a tumble out of the narrow opening and landed in the driveway where they were discovered by my husband and me either on our way out or coming back from being out and about over the weekend.

On the first occasion, we were home early enough to wait a couple of hours to see if the parent of the nestling would come back and look after it, however, once dusk fell and the temperature started to drop, we had to bring it inside since it could not regulate its own body heat alone. That was Friday, and on Saturday morning we contacted the RSPCA ( and someone was able to come by and pick the poor thing (we named it Tweet, just for the fun of it) and see that it was looked after.

It was an interesting adventure and, were that the only event that would have been quite enough, however that evening, as I was headed out to spend some time with the neighbours I discovered the second nestling in the driveway. It was already getting dark, so this one we quickly brought in and looked after until morning. I am very grateful for the people of the RSPCA, they seem to work tirelessly to care for animals, and two drivers that came and picked them up were wonderful. The second explained what likely happened to the nest as well, and why we were seeing one after another falling out.

His guess was it is a case of the cavity of the roof being stuffed too full of nesting material and, where there would normally be a lip or ledge that would stop them from hopping or rolling out, the bedding is now flush with the top and they are flopping around with nothing to stop them. There is very little that can be done with it aside from collecting the poor things as they come out and calling them to pick them up as we have been doing.

It was such a challenge trying to even narrow down the potential type of bird they were. They are, for sure, songbirds, and given how they nest, paired with the chirping that they would make, it seems like the most logical conclusion.

Needless to say, we’ll be watching the nest and driveway very carefully over the next couple of weeks (they should become Fledglings at around 11-16 days, and at that point they would be better served to chance things on their own) just to make sure that no more babies drop into our laps. 🙂


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