Tomorrow, to make the PEO (Public Enquiry Office) appointment for the FLR(M) VISA, we will need to make a very early start (see: 3AM). So I’m doing the post today while I can.

Last night we went through the list of required financial documentation we would need, typed up the list, prepared a cover letter, stuffed everything in to sorted envelopes as much as possible (there is some overlap – Bank statements, for example, are used as evidence for several different types of income; the same for payslips/stubs) so that it is organised for when we get there.

What can we expect? Well, according to the website, we should plan to arrive at least a half-hour early to make it through security where I will need to present a letter which shows that we paid the fee for the appointment already (they will not hold the appointment unless you pay £100 in advance, 24 hours or so after you schedule for it online on their website). Once we’re through, it is my understanding that I will next need to present the documents, have my biometrics done, pay the remaining fees…

And then bugger off for approximately three hours while they review and deliberate. Those will likely be the longest three hours in the history of life itself for us. I can only hope that Birmingham is enough of a “happening place” that we will at least be distracted. Normally they will call you once they finish making their decision, however they do tell you to come back after three hours, regardless if they have contacted you or not. So, phone call or three hours – whichever comes first.

The chances of a post tomorrow are slim, however the next day I will likely be giving the results. Of course, it did absolutely nothing good for my nerves to see this in the news yesterday: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22833136

The headline really just says it all: “UK’s new visa rules ‘causing anguish’ for families.”

Thanks guys, I mean it. -_- Way to not upset my normal.


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