Things are going surprisingly well lately – which is more than enough for the Minnesotan (see: me) to wonder where/when the karmic balance is going to strike. We’re almost ready to file for the second VISA in the process, we just need to get some final papers pulled together and then we will be able to take them over to our attorney for review before we submit them in person.

In addition, more work is coming my husband’s way so we’ll be able to relocate into our own domicile in a few months (we still have to save up for fees and first-month-rent stuff, after all). The MIL and FIL have been great and all, but it’ll be nice to finally have a place of our own; I’m eager to finally be able to do the nesting stage.

Since we will be renting a place, we’ll have to still work within the rules of the landlord (no putting holes into the walls, no painting; likely no pets either), but since most places come with cream/off-white walls the options for decor are limitless. I think it will be interesting to see how we compromise on colours for fabrics, appliances and furniture – my husband tends to favour dusty or pastel colours where I usually go for colours that are rich and/or vibrant.

I will have to remember to report back to my Grandma A on what we get first for the place once we have one – it will be purchased with the money she gave me before I left the states.

That first night in our own place will be hilarious; like a lot of couples who first move into their own place, we’ll have a laugh sitting on the floor and eating some sort of take-out with a box as a table between us.

I’ve been using Pinterest a lot lately for ideas for everything from cooking (sea bass cooked with tomato sauce is amazing, bytheway; likewise, turkey burgers seasoned with cumin and paprika is insanely tasty garnished with avocado and Spanish rice) to folding clothing so that it can fit better into limited storage (my husband has all of two drawers in the dresser and some 70 shirts that need to go into it; they fit now, thanks). Like a squirrel, I’m collecting nuggets and tidbits and tucking them away so that I can make use of them later.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to a sit-in for one of the classes my husband is taking; I’ve promised to ask hard questions to incite further interest among any other attendees. They needed more people to warm the seats so I’m going to be playing mole. I plan to have fun with this as much as I possibly can, as you can probably guess. We’ll have to wait and see.


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