La Lengua

There are a couple of reasons why this post is titled in spanish; the first being that I was in touch with one of my cousins from Peru and the other is my FIL (see: Father-in-law) was showing interest in learning the language.

“I’d like to learn short phrases, you know?” he explained to me, “I’m not a wordy person, so things that are quick and short are the best; but I want to eventually hold a conversation.”

Today, we spent about ten minutes or so building the start of what would be a morning dialogue between the two of us. Obviously, the goal is to then build up from there. But it’s a start and a challenge for me, someone who has slowly been forgetting her spanish due to sheer disuse, because I’ll have to get into the habit of speaking and thinking in spanish on the fly as apposed to typing it out and then verifying that what I wrote is actually what I meant.

It was good practice, which I did enjoy; though I do wonder if I’ll be having any strange dreams in spanish tonight as a result.

Tomorrow is the US mother’s day (also known as fishing opener for you guys – you know who you are). And while my husband and I did buy a gift to send back to the states, we were super-dorks and completely spaced the fact that, I donno, maybe we ought to have PUT IT IN THE MAIL about a week or so prior. Oops. Well, it isn’t going to be there in time – given it’s sitting next to me, staring and (if it had feet, or eyes for that matter) tapping its foot, mocking my ineptitude.

Or, rather, I’m just a little to imaginative on a Saturday night, which is another good reason why I don’t drink – this is my mind when it’s sober.

I was asked the other day by my MIL (like I need to translate that after the first one); “How are you adjusting so far?”

I don’t know if I’m really a good judge of that; all things considered, I think that I am doing alright. Of course, I assume that if I wasn’t, someone would point it out to me. I probably still stick out like a sore thumb, if only because I wander around like I don’t recognise where I am on the city streets. I’m getting there, however; I’ve been making use of a local map that was given to me and I’ve started walking the 3-mile stretch between home and the city centre. It’s small, but it’s a start – the more I do it, the more confident I’ll become. Maybe I’m being stubborn, but I really don’t want to have to ask for directions because I got lost somewhere – I just don’t want to stick out any more than I already do.


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