A Day of Days


At last the big day… it went exceptionally well, but let me give a rundown of the past 24 hours leading up to this point:

(you can just insert whatever flashback imagery you want here)

Yesterday, we visited my now-husband’s maternal grandmother as she would not be able to make it to the party after the signing was finished. The evening with her passed quickly, filled with conversation about a host of topics – everything from politics to what was new in the neighbourhood – before concluding… perhaps a bit earlier than usual, but we knew that we wanted a good night’s rest before the big day in the morning.

My husband didn’t sleep quite as well as I did – when he thinks about things, his mind tends to keep him up until he can come to some sort of solution – nonetheless, we were up and getting ready at 7AM so that we would have plenty of time to get ourselves plus two witnesses down to the registry office by 10:00AM (we even found time to take pictures). Which we did, though we cut it close; in actuality, we were scheduled to be there at 10:30, however we were told to be there earlier than that so that we verify information for the wedding certificate.

Everything was basically seamless; we were thankful that the first two songs that we picked blended together as well as they did – as, instead of having an entrance song, the first song was used in conjunction with the second for the signing portion of the register.

Without an entrance song, there was a lack of an exit song as well – though this we made up with by playing the CD in the car back to the house anyway, so it was good enough for me. My Husband, his parents, my SIL, her husband, son and my Husband’s paternal grandmother then met us all at the house before heading out to South Walsham to a sweet little place called The Ship Inn for our reception party (below is a view of the place from the parking lot).


The food there was excellent. After the meal, we then met back at the house (where my husband changed into something more comfortable) and we cut into a magnificent cake that was gifted to us by SIL and her husband.


-EDITED 2nd of May, 2013 –

After all this and some chatting aside, my husband then had to pop off to work quick, but once he got back we then spent the night at one of the local 4-star hotels for two nights. After the first night, we then went to Banham Zoo and spent the day taking photos of the animals and getting sunburned.

The highlight of the day, in my opinion, had to be the Birds of Prey show (it was at the peak of the day and this is where I think we ended up getting said sunburns). It was a real challenge trying to catch good photos of the birds in action – the hardest was the Peregrine Falcon since it can achieve up to 200 miles per hour in a dive; the one above, while still a Falcon, is not the Peregrine, but it was one of the best pictures of the birds I managed to get.

After that, we had about all we could of the Zoo, so we high-tailed it to a place called Zak’s to eat before stopping at the hotel to drop off our stuff and heading to the cinema to watch Iron Man 3.

Once you take all of that into account, we were beat. After walking back to the hotel, we basically were out like lights until this morning. Again, my husband had work this morning, so this takes us to where I am now. Him at work, and me uploading photos.

All in all, a nice start to the rest of our lives together.


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