Four Days

We did see the St. George’s day event on the 21st; it was small, but it was basically what I expected: random groups converging on a location with only the common thread that they happened to all be free on that day and it would give people something to look at. There were games and non-profit groups as well as information stands set up while a local ministry – who were the ones to organise the event – did short skits to entertain people.

The only downside was, as I said, it was small; it took all of 20 minutes to circle through and look at everything to be seen aside from the supposed dragon that they were going to build, but by that point we didn’t think it would be worth it to hang around.

It’s kind of funny that St. George is the Saint of England, and many natives are just as befuddled by this as much as I am – he wasn’t British, for one thing, he was Greek; nor did he ever do anything that was of any direct benefit to the UK people, even if you do believe in the legend that he slew a dragon. Regardless of this, the Patron Saint of England he was named, and thus he is and, despite how I am told that they don’t get enough opportunities to celebrate their national heritage in the UK, I’m starting to notice a trend where people – because of or maybe even despite supposed objections from immigrants (this is the most commonly cited reason why they don’t that I have been told) – are slowly showing it more and more.

And why shouldn’t they celebrate their culture? If someone is insulted that the national flag is flown in the country it comes… honestly, at that point they should probably reconsider living there in the first place.

The weather lately has been sunny and warm, so the walk there and back was nice all the same; it was all of make 10 blocks from the familial home, but it was surprising to me that my Fiancé admitted that he had never even been down that street before. How does one grow up in an area and not explore it? I remember in my younger years my parents not allowing us to stray more than a block or two in any given direction from our home, but as we got older – and more assertive – my brothers and I would naturally just branch out further. But then again, in those days transportation in the form of cars was not as easily come by for our family so, instead of driving everywhere as my Fiancé’s family tends to do, we either walked or bussed.

If it wasn’t for any other reason, then I think it was due to that that allowed me to get a good idea of the streets that were around us. It was just natural to me that, when I started working, I would walk the two miles to and back from where I worked once I realised that, actually, 2 miles isn’t that far.

This, of course, has me now thinking I need to start walking the neighbourhood.

By this point, you’ve probably realised that I’m switching over to UK spelling. Don’t think it’s a completely conscious action – I switched the autocorrect on my computer from US English to UK English about a week or so ago. Funny enough, growing up, I tended to spell things with S’s instead of Z’s anyway – that, and I would write my dates in Day/Month/Year format instead of Month/Day/Year; which caused no end of confusion for a lot of people until I finally trained myself out of it.

Why did I do that as a kid? It wasn’t something my parents taught me. Personally, I’m leaning towards I logic’d my way on the date format and I tended to spell things phonetically to how I said them (it was no secret growing up that I would say certain words strangely – my mother was constantly correcting my pronunciation: “It’s Hom-age or omage, you can’t mix them together. Use the English pronunciation or the French; not both.”)

With four days left before the wedding, tonight we’re going to pick up the cake that my future sister-in-law commissioned for us. She’s already instructed us (not in the least bit serious, mind you) that, if we somehow don’t like it, she wants us to lie to her. I’m sure it will be just fine. Heck, even if it isn’t, I’m of the opinion that – so long as signing goes through without anything that stopping it dead in its tracks – everything else can be buggered up for all I care; it won’t ruin anything in my book. I thoroughly intend to remain tranquil and calm regardless of what gets thrown at us four days from now.


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